My Name is Heart


When provided with an opportunity to learn their body parts, children become acutely aware of how their choices influence their well-being.

Within a creative presentation, board-certified pediatrician Dr. Indranil Gupta guides little ones into the body where they learn about their heart, how it works, and all the ways to keep it healthy and strong.

My Name is HEART teaches children about the anatomy of the body, especially the most important muscle, and the significance of keeping all their organs happy and healthy.

My Name Is Heart
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What People Are Saying About The book


"Very interesting book! Perfect for kids to learn about their heart and how to keep it healthy. Nice illustrations and diagrams. I highly recommend" – Irina K

Excellent and educational. Easy to read. Highly recommend

"I love this book. It’s very easy to read Perfect for children. Explains importance of heart. I gifted to my niece. She loves yo read this book to her baby brother. Waiting impatiently for a whole series of this book by dr G" – Joanna N

Great book

"This book is great for teaching young children about their bodies (emphasizing the heart) while keeping them actively engaged and interested. The language is just right. Easy to follow. Love the illustrations!" – Anacaona


Written for children by author and Board Certified pediatrician Indranil Gupta, MD. My Name Is Heart is an accessible and fun way for children to learn about their body and all their organs. Using creative presentation, Gupta takes little ones on a journey to discover their organs and the path leads them back to their heart.

They learn all about how the heart works, what makes it healthy and strong, and why it is the body’s most important muscle. My Name Is Heart is the author’s first book in his intended series for children, ‘My Body’ series, helping them to become familiar with their anatomy and health.

A great beginning book for health conscious families and their little ones

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